Time and productivity tracking for your remote workforce.

Time and productivity tracking for your remote workforce. The first enterprise-class productivity management platform that puts compliance & privacy first, and makes time, activity & productivity tracking quick and easy!

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Track Productivity Against Results


The scalable, privacy-focused time tracking solution for the remote workplace.


On-demand screenshots let you see exactly what your team members are doing online.



Low-bandwidth monitoring tracks keyboard & mouse usage, websites visited and more.


Identify and correct problematic behaviors in the early stages to improve your retention.


Learn who your most productive teams and team members are.


Track the location & equipment in use by your team with unique machine fingerprinting.

Securely collect screenshots that may contain sensitive information with our Compliance Mode.

Confidently track time, activity, & productivity with ease and accuracy

MyTimeIn is a next-generation remote productivity platform that helps remote & distributed companies increase the overall productivity of their employees. We have a real-time payroll time-tracker, web browser and application history tracking system – which means you’ll know how productive they’ve been, what software and computers they’re using, and their internet speed and working location.

Location Tracking
Precise Inactivity Tracking

Robust Timesheet Review System

Review Timesheets from users that factor in time spent late, coming back late from lunch breaks, or leaving early.

Export to popular formats
Confirm, modify, and update previous shifts with full audit tracking
Allow users to submit requests to modify previously recorded timesheets

Boost productivity, streamline your organization and reduce hidden costs

MyTimeIn allows you to quickly access different groups and departments in your organization – and tracks productivity with advanced algorithms that measure system activity. Combined with our website monitoring and screenshot capabilities, you’ll know exactly what each staff member is doing, across the entire organization.

Monitor what your users are spending their time looking at - down to the minute.
Watch for idle activity over the course of the entire shift, and review overall productivity from a birds eye view
Log devices used to access MyTimeIn, including location and internet service provider
Leverage data to have meaningful productivity conversations with employees - without needing to watch their every move

MyTimeIn FocusWatch

Understand exactly what applications employees are engaged with while on shift. Whether it is a desktop application or website, the MyTimeIn Desktop Application will see it.

Organized breakdown of applications and activity within those applications
Compatible with Mac, Windows

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