Real Productivity Tracking

At MyTimeIn, we believe a simple view into productivity is necessary to save time. There is no point in showing users a massive list of things going on in the hopes they can find that one thing that means someone is unproductive. Instead, we try to deliver on what matters: can I know if someone is unproductive at a glance? Can I back it up with real data?

Comprehensive Tracking Panel

See the entire shift timeline, when inactivity occurred, screenshots and more in a single location.

Focus Watch

Learn how unproductive users are spending their time in comparison to top performers. Down to the minute.

Simple Realtime Overview

Get a simple realtime overview of status, any alerts that occurred, inactivity time, time spent offline, and what type of tracking is enabled.

Simple Software

Our desktop software is simple, efficient, and shows users what they need to know: who am I working for? What's my shift? What are my TODO's?

Ready to get simple Productivity Tracking?

Ready to get simple Productivity Tracking?

Once you use MyTimeIn, you'll wonder how you ever worked remotely without it.

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