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MyTimeIn is a modern time-tracking system with an emphasis on protecting user privacy.

We are always expanding our privacy features to protect sensitive information. We currently do the following:

  • We do not require screenshots be enabled to detect user idle activity
  • Offer Compliance Mode to obscure incoming screenshots if you wish to have screenshots enabled
  • Clean usernames from any paths when process tracking is on
  • Clean window titles from popular websites, applications when websites and application tracking is enabled (Facebook, Messenger, RingCentral, etc)

We also support the following user level actions:

  • Secure deletion of all data with a single click

We encourage companies in sensitive sectors to securely remove data regularly from users.

We are a small team and, since we know work from home is here to stay, opted to offer discounts on MyTimeIn Version 2.0 for early clients who can support us. Think of it like investing in our company. With a three year plan, you will be given early access to MyTimeIn v2.0 which will feature more robust scheduling, reporting, payroll, integrations, and more in a completely redesigned visual experience.

Most products with similar offerings go for as little as $30.00. We’re massively discounting early access clients so we can achieve our goals.

We are hoping to launch MyTimeIn Version 2.0 in 2021.

MyTimeIn has gone through various iterations over the years with the initial product starting development about 10 years ago.


We securely store data with Amazon AWS in California and offer multiple ways within MyTimeIn to either not collect personal data or delete such data if it is collected (such as secure deletion of all screenshots).

We (the developers) may access your data to provide direct support or emergency repairs to your infrastructure. Please review our privacy policy to understand what this means for you and your business.

MyTimeIn is compliant with all requirements of GDPR and HIPAA with optional tracking (screenshots, processes) disabled. We do not require these tracking options to be enabled for our idle detection and time tracking to work.


For our desktop software we support OSX and Windows. We recommend an internet connection of at least 2MBPS if screenshots are enabled.

When you are set to work a shift that has tracking enabled you will automatically be given a download link to the latest version of the MyTimeIn software.


We currently offer the following types of tracking. Each one of these can be enabled\disabled via toggles in real time.

  • Screenshot Tracking
  • Website Tracking
  • Process Tracking

Our algorithms completely bypass the need for physical presence checking and is more accurate. Even with optional tracking disabled (screenshots, processes, etc), our idle detection will know if someone is using the machine. Likewise, we want users to feel secure if asked to install our software.

We want to know if users are working with as little information as possible.

We do not as it is not necessary to track keyboard activity to know if a user is there or not, in addition to breaking down trust. Users commonly will check their own personal emails, schedule appointments, or have personal conversations with other users. Additionally, this could lead to accidental transmission of protected information such as credit cards or personal information of other individuals.

We want to know if users are working with as little information as possible.

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